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An Introduction to this Page may be found in  "What is Art", offering a juxtaposition of "Modern Art" and "Fine Art"





 Still Life: De Kooning 1945              Flowers: Jan Brueghel  1580

Has craftsmanship improved from the seventeenth to the twentieth century? Is such disharmonious chaos a reflection on the human lifestyle in the 20th century? What a pleasure to feel the serenity of a simple clay vase, filled with an exuberant display of beautifully crafted flowers!




 Chagall: Self Portrait 1907           Duerer: Self Portrait 1493 

What is Art? The clash of garish colors, arranged without skill and  discernment  --  or the harmonious, soft glow of competent talent?                                                       




Cezanne: Mont Saint-Victoire 1904        Bierstadt: Merced River 1866

Where lies human contentment? Blobs of paint, smeared on a pristine canvas with a knife --  or the dreamlike mood of a river, masterfully conveyed by paint that kisses the canvas subtly and with love. 


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