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How Life Really Works: ..... 


HOW LIFE REALLY WORKS is an adventure in reading.  It is a comprehensive study of man, his place in the universe and his quest for happiness. The download of this book is free for personal use. 

 HOW LIFE REALLY WORKS provides an answer to the eternal question: How can we find happiness in an inherently unhappy world?

HOW LIFE REALLY WORKS represents a rational and joyful view of life. It provides valuable insights in subjects ranging from "how to get rich" to "how to find the perfect spouse".



Anything you ever wanted to know about man, his problems and his joys.

How to retire at 40: Many have done it. You can do it, too.

How to make profitable investments or how to start your own business

Money: How it works, how to get it and how to keep it

What is Entropy: The ultimate "Equalizer" of man and the Universe

Inflation: The illusions and distortions created by inflation

Optimal Living: Happiness is having not too much and not too little

Does God exist? What are the benefits and disadvantages of religion?

Why do we sleep and dream. Is there meaning to our dreams?

How to deal with governments and taxes

The Paranormal: From astrology to zombies

Morality: The four basic laws of society and our personal morality

Sex: The many varieties of love and sex

intelligence, race and discrimination

How many children are too many children?

The Meaning of Life

How to be happy, most of the time


This book shirks no controversy. It may not always be "politically correct". It opens new perspectives to anyone who is ready to discard obsolete ideas and who is willing to explore HOW LIFE REALLY WORKS. 


For a limited time only, HOW LIFE REALLY WORKS is available as a free download from this website (For personal use only). Save it to your hard drive: Only 3 MB html file, 270,000 words, 1,056 pages in the printed version.

  "How Life Really Works" will soon be available as a printed book (US$ 29.95 incl. S&H). In the meantime it is available on CD-Rom. The CD includes versions of the book in MS Word and RTF files, as well as HTML (readable in your web browser).

$ 10.00 (CD-Rom) includes S&H in the US. Please contact Walter Requadt


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Please note that this book downloads as a (compressed) .zip file. It must be opened (un-compressed) with one of the many free un-zipping programs. Windows XP includes an un-zipping utility. Since the book is configured in HTML, it will automatically open in your web-browser. HTML cannot harbor viruses.





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